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Adenostoma fasciculatum - Chamise

Adenostoma fasciculatum



Chamise is a common member of chaparral plant communities throughout California. It grows as an upright open shrub with small leaves somewhat like rosemary in appearance and twisted shredding bark. The flowers appear in late spring, covering the plant with a cream white display. A stand of blooming chamise can…

Adenostoma fasciculatum 'Nicolas' - 'Nicolas' Prostrate chamise

Adenostoma fasciculatum ‘Nicolas’

'Nicolas' Prostrate chamise


‘Nicolas’ chamise is a prostrate selection of this widespread native. It forms a dense mound two about three feet. It shares the qualities of the species (see the entry for Adenostoma fasciculatum) and adds the more compact size and cleaner appearance. ‘Nicolas’ is derived from cuttings taken on St Nicolas…

Adenostoma sparsifolium - Red shanks

Adenostoma sparsifolium

Red shanks


Red shanks grows from San Luis Obispo County south into Mexico. It grows into an open tree with shredding strips (“shanks”) or red and gray bark and feathery fronds of small leaves. The flower color is cream white as with the closely related chamise, Adenostoma fasciculatum. With careful pruning, redshanks…

Adiantum aleuticum - Five finger fern

Adiantum aleuticum

Five finger fern


While California is home to a great variety of narrow endemic plants (i.e. plants found within a very narrow geographic range), it is also home to many wide-ranging species. The five finger fern is one such plant. It ranges from Alaska to Mexico, with isolated populations even occurring in the…

Adiantum capillus-veneris

Southern maiden hair

Aesculus californica - California buckeye

Aesculus californica

California buckeye


Agave deserti

Desert agave

Allium fimbriatum - Fringed onion

Allium fimbriatum

Fringed onion

Allium hyalinum - Glassy onion

Allium hyalinum

Glassy onion


The glassy onion is a common member of grassland communities on the lower slopes of the western Sierra Nevada and the southern SF Bay Area (Santa Clara County). After its long summer dormancy, the glassy onion greets the winter rains with several long narrow leaves. These are followed in early…

Allium unifolium - One leaf onion

Allium unifolium

One leaf onion