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Achillea millefolium ‘Sonoma Coast’

'Sonoma Coast' Yarrow


Yarrow takes on many forms in its expansive range around the Northern Hemisphere. Forms vary in flower size and color, leaf size, and overall height. All share the same basic characteristics that make yarrow such a popular garden subject. The ‘Sonoma Coast’ selection is somewhat compact. The flowers rise only…

Achillea millefolium Placer County - Yarrow

Achillea millefolium Placer County

Yarrow, Placer County form


This population of this wide-ranging native was grown from seed collected in the Sierra foothills of Placer County, and by division ever since. It is relatively large and robust for the species with flowers of about four inches in diameter. It would be a great choice for a butterfly garden….

Achillea millefolium Santa Clara County - Yarrow

Achillea millefolium Santa Clara County

Yarrow, Santa Clara County form


Yarrow is one of those bread-and-butter native perennials that is easy to take for granted. It is found throughout North America in a variety of habitats, which testifies to its remarkable flexibility. Yarrow responds well to regular water but also can be naturalized (i.e. no supplemental irrigation). Without regular water…

Achyrachaena mollis - Blow Wives

Achyrachaena mollis

Blow Wives


Blow wives are found throughout California’s valleys and lower foothills, blooming in the spring in sunny open areas. It grows as a short, rather unspectacular plant through flowering. As blow wives set seed they display silky white scales which aid in seed dispersal. These appear to be white papery flowers…

Acmispon argophyllus var argenteus - Channel Island Silver Lotus

Acmispon argophyllus var argenteus

Channel Island Silver Lotus


This relative of the widespread deer weed (Acmispon glaber) is endemic to several of the Channel Islands. It grows in an open mound of silvery white leaves, accented in the spring and early summer with bright yellow blooms. The silver lotus thrives in a sunny, well-draining location and should only…

Acmispon glaber - Deer Weed

Acmispon glaber

Deer Weed


Deerweed is found in coastal and mountainous areas throughout the state. It is a pioneer species, meaning that it quickly fills disturbed areas with dense stands that condition the soil for other plant species. Deerweed accomplishes this by fixing nitrogen, as do other members of the pea family, Fabaciae. Deerweed…

Acmispon grandiflorus - Large Leaved Lotus

Acmispon grandiflorus

Large Leaved Lotus


The large leaved lotus is a rather rare member of a range of plant communities throughout California. It is found at low elevations in hilly, dry settings, although it receives a good deal of atmospheric moisture in coastal settings such as the Channel Islands. It forms a mound compound leaves…

Actaea rubra - Red Baneberry

Actaea rubra

Red Baneberry


Red baneberry is found throughout much of the USA and Canada. In California its range includes the Sierra Nevadas, the Cascades and the coast ranges north of Santa Cruz County, with a few scattered populations elsewhere. Red baneberry prefers shady sites with rich acidic soil and moisture. Following winter dormancy,…

Adenostoma fasciculatum - Chamise

Adenostoma fasciculatum



Chamise is a common member of chaparral plant communities throughout California. It grows as an upright open shrub with small leaves somewhat like rosemary in appearance and twisted shredding bark. The flowers appear in late spring, covering the plant with a cream white display. A stand of blooming chamise can…

Adenostoma fasciculatum 'Nicolas' - 'Nicolas' Prostrate chamise

Adenostoma fasciculatum ‘Nicolas’

'Nicolas' Prostrate chamise


‘Nicolas’ chamise is a prostrate selection of this widespread native. It forms a dense mound to about three feet. It shares the qualities of the species (see the entry for Adenostoma fasciculatum) and adds the more compact size and cleaner appearance. ‘Nicolas’ is derived from cuttings taken on St Nicolas…