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Abutilon palmeri - Indian mallow

Abutilon palmeri

Indian mallow


Indian mallow is one of many California natives that do exceptionally well outside of their native range. While indian mallow is native to hot, dry, rocky slopes, it grows beautifully and is quite hardy in many settings. The leaves are light olive-green and are given a frosty appearance by a…

Acaena pinnatifida var. californica

Argentinian biddy biddy


This California endemic occurs in coastal settings along the central coast and SF Bay Area. Strangely, the species, though not our variety, is also found in southern Chile and Argentina. That presumably explains part of the unusual common name. Argentinian biddy biddy grows as a low mound of dark green…

Acalypha californica - California Copperleaf

Acalypha californica

California Copperleaf


California copperleaf is a plant like no other in California. It is a member of the highly diverse spurge family, Euphorbiaceae, and the only member of the genus in California. This attractive shrub grows in chaparral settings in the lower peninsular ranges from Los Angeles County into Baja, where both…

Acer circinatum - Vine maple

Acer circinatum

Vine maple


Vine maple grows in the cool understory of larger trees in the northwestern portion of the state. The small lobed leaves of this maple display shades of yellow, green and red throughout the year before falling in autumn to reveal the attractively sculpted, reddish gray branches. Site vine maple in…

Acer macrophyllum

Big Leaf Maple

Acer negundo - Box elder

Acer negundo

Box elder


Box elder is a common member of riparian and valley plant communities throughout much of California, especially coastal mountains from Mendocino County to Baja. It quickly grows in a rounded form to about 35 feet, rarely larger. The light green compound leaves have three to five leaflets that may be…

Achillea millefolium


Achillea millefolium 'Island pink' - 'Island Pink' Yarrow

Achillea millefolium ‘Island pink’

'Island Pink' Yarrow


California‚Äôs yarrow is distinctly adaptable, occurring in a wide range of habitats from high montane to chaparral to coastal scrub. Typically dormant it springs to life with feathery foliage (millefolium = a thousand leaves) and a dense umbel of tiny flowers frequented by butterflies. While the flower is usually white,…

Achillea millefolium Placer County - Yarrow

Achillea millefolium Placer County

Yarrow, Placer County form


This population of this wide-ranging native was grown from seed collected in the Sierra foothills of Placer County, and by division ever since. It is relatively large and robust for the species with flowers of about four inches in diameter. It would be a great choice for a butterfly garden….

Achillea millefolium Santa Clara County - Yarrow

Achillea millefolium Santa Clara County

Yarrow, Santa Clara County form


Yarrow is one of those bread-and-butter native perennials that is easy to take for granted. It is found throughout North America in a variety of habitats, which testifies to its remarkable flexibility. Yarrow responds well to regular water but also can be naturalized (i.e. no supplemental irrigation). Without regular water…