Ceanothus rigidus ‘Snowball’

Monterey ceanothus 'Snowball'

Plant Type: Shrub
Sun: Sun
Drainage: Adaptable
Water: Naturalize, Occasional
Height X Width: 4' X 6'
Santa Clara County Local: No
What do these mean?



Monterey ceanothus is encountered in coastal settings intermittently from the SF Bay Area to San Diego County. It is one of several ceanothus species that generally flowers in white. The ‘Snowball’ selection grows as a mound of arching gray branches with small leathery, gray-green leaves. Its mature size of four feet or so is rare among ceanothus and makes it an attractive choice for home gardens. ‘Snowball’ blooms in mid-winter with a dense show of round bright white clusters. It accepts a variety of soil types. Plant in a sunny site and provide little or no water once established. Blooms in February in Santa Clara County.


Deer Resistant: Somewhat
Attractive to Bees: Yes
Attractive to Butterflies: Yes
Good Under Oaks: No
Evergreen or Deciduous: Evergreen