Ribes sanguineum ‘Claremont’

'Claremont' Pink flowered currant

Plant Type: Shrub
Sun: Partial Shade
Drainage: Medium, Well-draining
Water: Occasional
Height X Width: 7' X 6'
Santa Clara County Local: Yes
What do these mean?



This selection of pink flowering currant has a longstanding reputation for generous blooms of long drupes of pink flowers, a vase-shaped form, and moderate size. Blooms in midwinter, followed by dark purple berries in early summer, then a short deciduous period in the fall. Away from the coasts it does best with light shade, perhaps with six hours of morning sun and afternoon protection. In Santa Clara County this subspecies may be found in the Stevens Creek and Saratoga Creek drainages in dappled shade. The ‘Claremont’ selection was made by Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.


Deer Resistant: Yes
Attractive to Bees: Yes
Attractive to Butterflies: Yes
Good Under Oaks: Yes
Evergreen or Deciduous: Deciduous